Geetha Govindam Director Penning for Mahesh Babu!

Parasuram has been waiting to take his next film to the sets since the release of his blockbuster “Geetha Govindam”. He hoped to direct Allu Arjun but the stylish star has other plans.

Disappointed Parasuram wanted to move out of Allu Aravind camp but to his luck the veteran producer has roped in a bigger star for him.

A day after Sukumar announced Allu Arjun’s film cancelling Mahesh Babu’s movie, Allu Aravind rushed to meet Namrata.

It was then speculated that Allu Aravind gave clarification about Sukumar and Allu Arjun’s film. But truth is that Allu Aravind met Namrata about a film with Mahesh Babu on Geetha Arts. It was then Parasuram met Mahesh Babu.

It is said that Mahesh Babu has agreed to work with Parasuram provided he convinces him with the right script. He asked him to come up with bounded script, not mere plot line.

So, Parasuram is now working on the script that would impress Mahesh Babu.