Vijayashanthi dares KCR to take back Nag's lands first!

Congress star campaigner, fire brand leader and popular actress Vijayashanthi dared Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao to take back illegal lands occupied by actor Nagarjuna in Hyderabad, if he had guts.

Vijayshanthi lashed out at KCR for threatening revenue officials that he will abolish revenue department because revenue staff is 'corrupt'.

Vijayashanthi asked KCR not to give 'build up' that he was on a mission to check corruption in Telangana and also cleaning and updating revenue records.

"If KCR is really sincere in cleaning revenue records and resolve all land disputes in Telangana, he should first take back illegal lands occupied by actor Nagarjuna along Outer Ring Road, Gachibowli in Hyderabad. KCR should talk of checking corruption and cleansing revenue department only after he takes back Nagarjuna's lands," she said.

Vijayashanthi posted a video of KCR's interview given to a news channel during 2014 Assembly elections on her Facebook account, in which KCR lashed out at Nagarjuna for encroaching valuable lands in Hyderabad and also regularising Gurukul Trust lands illegally by paying crores of rupees towards regularisation fees.

In the interview, KCR also announced that once TRS comes to power in 2014 polls, he will take back these valuable lands from Nagarjuna and distribute them to Telangana artistes.

Vijayashanthi questioned why KCR failed to take back Nagarjuna's lands five years after coming to power. 

She said KCR could not take back Nagarjuna's lands because he himself was 'corrupt' and KCR has no moral right to term revenue department as 'corrupt'.

Vijayashanthi questioned what made KCR and KTR to move closer to Nagarjuna after coming to power.

Vijayashanthi demanded KCR and KTR to respond on her charges and take back Nagarjuna's illegal lands, if they have guts.